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CTE continues to be at the forefront of evolving education as strong interest in quality CTE programs across the country continues to increase. Leverage the momentum of growing interest in CTE at CTAT Winter Leadership Conference and CTAT Summer Conferences where administrators, counselors, ESC personnel, college articulation staff and CTE teachers gather to explore resources and services available to support their programs.

CTAT works to protect $2,214,000,000 in state funding districts use to purchase equipment, supplies, and instructional materials.

Choose from several options to reach your existing and potential customers to gain exposure and maximize returns. Increase visual branding opportunities through items such as the conference platform, address the opening general session as a professional development sponsor, be the life of the party as the social sponsor and more!

Note to Vendors
An exhibitor contract at the partnership/sponsor levels must accompany your presentation submission form to be eligible for a presentation session. There are a limited number of presentation slots for the conference and they will be filled on a first come, first served basis. A vendor presentation submission will not be accepted without an accompanying contract.

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